DeskPot Help


To add files or folders to DeskPot simply drag them to DeskPot window at desired location. Please note that DeskPot uses its own set of icons. You may change icon and item name if you right-click icon and select Properties.


Move icons around to rearrange them. Place mouse pointer over item name to see file/folder path. To switch between categories click “Category…” input and select category from dropdown or simply use a mouse wheel to browse categories. You can see current category name in the left part of toolbar next to app name. It is possible to filter categories by name and also to reorder categories in dropdown menu (just drag & drop category). To change category name, switch to that category, enter new name to “Category…” input and click “check” icon. To delete category, switch to that category and click “x” icon (if there is only one category, it can not be deleted). To add new category, enter category name and click “+” icon.



Item menu

Right-click item to access item menu.

  • Open – open file/folder
  • Open location – open file/folder location and select file/folder
  • Delete – delete item from DeskPot
  • Properties – see next chapter

Item menu / Properties

Title of dialog will show current item name, place mouse pointer over it to see file/folder path.

  • Name – change item name
  • Select icon – click one of predefined icons to select it
  • Custom icon – click “+” to select icon, click “x” to remove it; you can search for SVG icons here:
  • Use default icon – use default icon for this item type
  • Use selected icon – use predefined selected icon
  • Use custom icon – use selected custom icon
  • Apply icon settings to all items of the same type – click to apply to all items of the same type


Click “cog” icon to access settings.

  • Single-click to open an item – select Yes to open file/folder with single mouse click
  • Grid – select grid opacity or disable grid
  • Background image – click “+” to select background image, click “x” to remove it
  • Alternative colors – select Yes to change to color scheme (this should be used with dark background image)

Keyboard shortcuts

  • F1-F12 – access one of first 12 categories
  • Home, Esc – switch to first category
  • A-Z (any letter) – select item starting with that letter
  • Del – delete selected item