WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard is a WordPress plugin created as an addon for a popular WordPress page builder – WPBakery Page Builder.

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard allows you to copy/cut and paste single content elements or stack of content elements across pages without ever leaving WPBakery Page Builder interface.

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard supports both WPBakery Page Builder editors (back end and front end).

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard


  • Copy/cut sections/rows together with content and settings – single or stacked!
  • Copy/cut content of columns with one click!
  • Copy/cut single content elements – or create stack of elements even from different columns on different pages!
  • Paste below other elements on same page or any other page!
  • Paste sections/rows on empty pages or content elements in empty columns!
  • Copy/cut and paste from back end to front end and vice versa!
  • Export/Import: save, share and transfer between domains!
  • Google Cloud: save named clipboard content online, load directly to clipboard!

Learn More

To learn more please visit WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard page on CodeCanyon or take a look at WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard documentation.

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